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This thought just crossed my mind, when you've got this game, all fleshed out and finished do you think you'll commission a hentai animated adaptation. Not a lot of furry or multi-fantasy hentai animations out there and certainly not enough story driven hentai's either.

im on the final part of the oath breaker titania quest. At the very end of the sex scene the game just freezes on a black screen.  I've removed gamestart but it still freezes. I have redone the seen several times. does anyone have a fix? version 0.22

NVM. Turns out even though the screen was black the scene was still running in the back ground. Finished the scene, saved and opened the game again and it was fixed.

if you pay for it do you get perm access to future updates or do you have to pay for each update

that is a good question that I also wanna know, because I purchased this over a year ago but everytime I try to download the latest which being 0.22 right as I am typing this it will not let me 

yes you just need to click on a verification email itch sends you to prove you have bought the game

Really like the art and the combat system ,the story fine too,but can you guys add a main love and lover point instead of corrupting, corrupt count too,and i think a new feature should be add when you fully corrut the target that you can visist their house at night especially the royal guards ,cant wait for more about the goddess so far there is only 2 of them hope to see all six of them on thier different kingdom, or reign ,hopefully we can go thier and quest on the upcoming updates and Lucille is my favorite among them along with the thier queen ..

Nice to have any questions

so I bought the game and tried to download it but it does a browser download and not a like file and stuff am I missing something here?

Is there any chance of getting Android version I am tired of waiting


I'm pretty sure this guy's said he wasn't going to add android you can check the roadmap he posted last month though.

Is there supposed to be text after the scene at the camp for Vulsha's oathbreaker? Some text pops up, but immediately gets interrupted by the animation, and then after the animation finishes, there is no text.

bro someone pls tell me how to get the book of dead pls 

The Quest should have told you where the book of the dead should be, if not the quest then you might want to ask the elf Librarian 

all three books are in the badlands look for the sparkles on the map

the second and third will be in the same place once she sends you to find the second one

I wish theres a android ported game of this I can't play

Is there an official method to report bugs?

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bro how to do the get book of dead

Deleted post

My game freezes at the part after the inn, in the oathbreaker vulsha quest.


Where can i find books?

bro did you find the book

To obtain the book, fist of all, you need to resolve the puzzle in the past floor, push the switches in this order, NE, SW, NW, SE, acording to the inscription, then you took the book in the potition what you are in the image.

How do i get red souls?  I'm kind of stuck on here because i don't know how to get any.

Just continue on corruption other people

thank you

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where can i find the mage's runes?

Magic using goblins in the enchanted forest drop them

I am unable to talk to Arwen in the morning if I try to nothing happens and it sends me to the menu where you can select talk or nevermind 

Is it just me or Titania Total Corruption and Vulsha Lust Courage animation just dont work properly, like for Vulsha her animation only play when you gonna cum and for Titania her animation only start after her oath break and the animation after it just feel like it missing some frame. There maybe more broken animation but those are the only two i know.

How in the hell are you supposed to use skills like the Ethereal, the game says to press them in the bottom left corner but there is nothing there.

Nevermind, you can't see the skills when you are on the 1600 resolution, nice

So, I don't know if it's a bug or if I'm doing something wrong but here's what I'm encountering.

Upon leaving the goblin slave market area (During the Oathbreaker Gobboe mission) and returning back to the place with Gob. (The one bedroom and one "living room" house) When I head into the trade market, I encounter a cutscene where I am ambushed by a trader and a few guards where afterwards my character was knocked out and put into a cell. Afterwards that Gobboe deals with the guards inside of that place, and I leave the cell - using the teleport to "home" function (It's a spell where you teleport to some sort of safe house with a crystal inside and a door that leads to the Queen's castle from the start of the game) - when I return back home to Gob, and try to enter the trade market - The scene restarts, sending me back to that cell area.

Dont teleport home, use the akill that lets you walk through doors. Using teleport home takes you to gobs basement


screen goes dark after this scene

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On version 0.21. 

For some reason after progressing to a certain point in the game, the starting game loading video doesnt load pass the Naughty Underworld image. Fix it temporary by removing / renaming GameStart.webm.

Also similar with getting to the Fully Corrupt Velexia stage, screen also goes blank / black and freezes during a map transition after 2 map changes.

the game glitches when doing the Vulsha oathbreaker quest when you have to get her halberd

I can't wait to bang queen rosera and queen selvana see you in september month 😬😬

I can still run v 0.17, but v0.21 won't get past the loading screen for me, can't even get to the title screen.

Had the same issue. Removing / renaming GameStart.webm in the movies folder

The game looks very attractive. The fantasy genre interests me as much as content for an adult audience. I hope everything works out for you and you come to success.

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Help i can't acces the memories, I click and nothing happens no matter how many times i do it, it works in other save files (wich are not recent)

yes its free 


Where do you get the elf ears?

I need to now that, too. Game's giving zero hints.

If you have followed the quest chain to free mortai, you get a quest from the queen to kill rebel elves. This quest has you exi south from selvana tower, then head east into some caves. Head further east inside the caves to reach the elf stronghold

I have no quest to free "Mortai" (I guess you mean Morati, the dark elf from the beginning?). I didn't even know there's a quest involving her, since it has never been hinted to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, I absolutely adore the art style and the bit of animation along with the premise of rpg and how each character is pretty fleshed out. Learning new skills with orbs and each character being pretty distinct from each other was amazing, I absolutely just had a good time. Keep up the great work and I am looking to future updates!

There is no text

I had the same issue. Close and reopen the game. hopefully you saved close to that encounter tho

I think i know the issue here, during the quest finding vulsha's family heirloom, after you had sex with her in the camping, the bug will start there. The background turn to black and the text is gone. This will trigger the bug that makes every conversation you are about to enter become the same issue  from that.

Deleted 44 days ago
Deleted 44 days ago

Anyone knows what to do once you decoded gobboe messages. It says ‘ Dock district - North East grate - left, right, left, right, right

Go into the sewer manhole cover in the northeast corner of the dock district and follow those directions once inside

Where do you get the elf ears?

I really enjoy the game so far. However, I have just noticed, that in Queen Roserra´s appearance scene the background picture including characters is not up to scale when in fullscreen. Everywhere else, it has been amazing.

Hit a point in Vulsha's quest where we go to the badlands and the dialogue just doesn't show up.  Mashing click eventually moves the scene along but there's not much motivation to continue if I don't know what is happening anymore.  Any way to avoid this and see the scene?  

If someone wants to play on mobile you need to download joyplay and run it. It has some bugs, but you can still enjoy it.

I can not even start the game. Says something about a nw error

Where do I get elf ears??

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