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Kingdom of Subversion is an adult fantasy rpg, where you take control of a half goblin outcast. Forced into exile from the Kingdom of Lumis, you join forces with the Queen of the rivaling kingdom, Queen Selvana of Umbrus. She grants you new power, that will allow you to subtly infiltrate Lumis and begin to plot its demise.

With these new powers and your body transformed into a human, your mission is simple, but will require great skill. Become a well known name in the land, become a hero. Use your influence to infiltrate Lumis' royal court. Subvert them to your will and with that, gain access to Queen Roserra, ruler of Lumis. Then the final stroke can be delivered and Lumis is ripe for the taking.

What is Kingdom of Subversion?

Well if the introduction above wasn't enough to whet your whistle, let me help fill in the gaps! 

Kingdom of Subversion is a fantasy adult rpg developed in RPG Maker MV, by the team of Nergal and Aimless. Focused around the corruption of powerful individuals that make up the Kingdom of Lumis. 

That said, we also want to provide a game to support all the juicy content! Expect a fun, interactive rpg experience. Where the idea of grinding isn't the crux of design, but creating, fun, engaging, short battles is key. Your character will be customisable as you choose to focus on ranged, melee or magic (or a combination of any), and as you become more powerful, you learn new abilities that you can select.

Expect to see a lot of variety of NPCs of all different races, heights and personalities! Each with their own interesting history, and of course way of corrupting them!

Why support?

Without the support of awesome people, this project wouldn't be a possibility. The more support we gather the more we hope to use it in meaningful ways. This includes more content in builds, animations, voice acting, the full works! But it all has to start somewhere! So any amount, large or small you can pledge is very greatly appreciated. And if you can't support with a pledge, please consider spreading word of the game to anywhere you can!

But this isn't a one way street! In return we hope to deliver you early access builds, sneak peaks of upcoming artwork, voting control - making important decisions for the game! Plus anything else you want to suggest we are completely open to!

New builds will typically be released to patrons the last Friday of every month! But we'll be working hard to keep patrons updated with posts!

Thank you!

Thank you for coming this far and reading. We hope to hear from you with ideas or feedback or suggestions! 

Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(116 total ratings)
AuthorNaughty Underworld
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Adult, combos, Fantasy, Furry, NSFW, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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hi dude just a question ive been using joiplay to play the game one thing is really stoppinv me play the game is i cannot see the quest description its all just black can you help me

How do you get through the mountain pass? and if its not possible how do you get to Soltare?

I don't think anyone would answer your question here, you better go in their discord

Dont know if others have said this, but God thank you for making the game Mouse accessable. I hate having to play these games only able to use my keyboard, and more likely than not in a config that's not comfy for my hands

so thank you for making it an option to just use the mouse for most of things

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Hi! Absolutely loving this game at the moment! However, I do have a couple of questions. I'll list out my inquiries below. 

- Will there be ways to access those areas you can't get to like the sword in the stone and some of the raised parts in the forest? 

- Has the functionality of the dimension hop ability been implemented, or is it bugged? Whenever I click it, nothing happens and it drains my mana. 

Any help here will be much appreciated, haha. Thanks! :)

Also, I very much look forward to seeing this game completed! I can't wait to see the design for Queen Roserra.

Hey thanks for the kind words! Your first question is answered by the second in the sense that the dimension hop is used to access some of the less obvious to reach places. Unfortunately it does sound like the ability has bugged for you though. Would you mind stating what you are playing the game on? And any other info you think might be useful! ^^

Thank you for your swift reply. 

I'm playing on a lower end ASUS laptop. It's slow but can run the game alright.  (Never buying an ASUS again though).  Unfortunately I don't know what else I can give you. I use winrar to run the game which thankfully works well. Would you suggest reinstalling?

Just to clarify, you are extracting the game first before running it?

Yes I did at first - though I pinned it to my taskbar at some point. You think that may have caused it? 

Hmm I don't think so, as long as it's the extracted .exe and not one in the winrar file you should be fine. The game saves alright and everything else? Just that power doesn't work?


You write a good story.  I like your ideas for the battle system too. You should hook up with either Tinkerer (Peasant's Quest), or Chryos (A Struggle with Sin).  I feel sure a collaboration would make for an amazing game.  

Is there a downloadable version for mac?

Not yet.


Hey just wanted to let you know that I have seen the v0.14 on another site to play for free before you have made it free to the public. Don't know if you know this or not.

this occurs at the end of moratis boobjob scene. cant progress her scenes.

is the elven tomb for the innkeeper in game or not implemented yet

I am having trouble trying to corrupt the Elven Pristess everytime I get a black screen though my corruption meter and stamina meter show up nothing else does just a black backround screen anyone know the problem?

error occurs when I boot up game

(1 edit)

How the fxck do I fix this, I can't read anything. 

i cant boot up the file its just a white unconfirmed.crdownload how do i fix?

Black screen issue on quests, any idea's how to fix it? I play this on android with joiplay app.

how do I get the game to open what thing do I need?

Anybody know how to unlock the Lucille questline? I've corrupted the other members of the court and all of the townsfolk, plus the gob and nobleman quest, did I miss something?

(1 edit)

After ending nun route go to that church again, there she will be talking with her.

After that you have to leave town and go to the village in the south where she will be standing with the few guards. 

(more precisely this village is above the guard post that you pass trough when you want to go to the dessert region) 

If you were stucked after that you just have to find one npc in the village that will push quest forward and then go to the inn in this village and buy the room and go to sleep.

having this issue while in the goblin camp with vulsha
is there a discord server or something like this where i could contact devs?

(1 edit)

I'm also getting this bug too, but at game boot up.

Are you sure it's exactly the same error?

No, its actually different. My bad

Are you using save from 0.11 or prior? Vulsha wasn't added as a battler until then, so older saves (might even be from 0.10) have this glitch unfortunately. Not sure there is a way to resolve short of a new game. 

Also yes we have a discord server: https://discord.gg/BqW8vyy

yes, i was using my old save
thanks for making this clear <3

when is version 0.13 gonna be free?


Sorry for the delay! I'm in discussions with itch at the moment about increasing my upload limit as people are having issues with the external hosted site. Hope to get this resolved soon!


nw its fine just take ur time I thought u abandonded itch.io and don´t update it here anymore glad I was wrong

Ok. Dumb question. How do Find Yennai the first time to start her quests?

ive corrupted the other 4, and all 5 npcs, but have not seen her once aside from te mental contact bit with vulsha

please help

It should trigger in the Trade District, the day after you complete Marina's (librarian) questline.


Waiting for the next update.!

Big fan of dragon mommy❤

"Bug-Vulsha encounter against goblin mage, Moriati quest locked since she's in prison"

Can someone help me with this,i play this on android with joiplay app and I can't see the quest menu it's just black box, I've been saving and loading the game,open and close the app and try other rpg maker game which is fine on other rpg maker games just this game that seems have this problem.

(1 edit) (+1)

i can't install it because it is hosted on a third party website that is no longer compatible.

is there a way to put the game on full screen?


when is the next up date

Pls help me T-T

quest yennai, I've been trying this for a week, and still can't solve thats code

12213 should be the right code, as you gotta remove 1 for blue due to the torch.

thanks! ahhh

2 week's just stuck at this stage

No problem mate, good luck on your quest.

i feel stupid.. 

first block: Add purple orb, ignore blue orb

+1 + 0 = 1 

second block: add blue orb, remove blue orb, add purple orb, add green orb  

+1 -1 +1 +1 = 2

third block: add blue orb, remove blue orb, add blue orb?? 

not sure how that ever becomes a 2.

Fourth block: add blue orb, remove blue orb, remove green orb and ignore black orb

+1 -1 -1 + 0 = -1 = 1??

fifth block: add black orb, add green shiny  orb, add green shiny orb, add black orb

+1+1+1+1 = 4?

can someone explain this to me in depth?

It's not easily noticeable as even I didn't notice it for a while, the torch under the blue orb on the side you're on when inputting the code counts towards the orb count.

(1 edit)

I try to continue the Yennay questline by talking to Queen Selvana but it's hardlocked into replaying the scene after you kill Morati's father, and I can't continue the quest. (I've already completed the Morati questline as far as it goes.)

Deleted 69 days ago

It does look like doing Morati's questline before Yennay's is past the step to talk to Selvana does break that interaction permanently.

I might end up waiting for a bugfix for this (since it's my only save file, and I don't have the time anymore to restart from the beginning.)

I am stuck on Titania's Corrupt Quest, after the tittyfuck scene in the abandoned tower, where am I supposed to meet her again

(1 edit)

type error cannot read property ''blendmode'' of undefined.

Anyone can help me please?

pls help

1. first, i stuck at kitsune guard 

2, scnd , i dont know how to solve code statues at volcano mountain


not sure what you mean for 1. but on the volcano statue puzzle keep in mind that orange adds to the count, green doesn't, and blue removes from the total. and all torches in front of a statue count, including the one on your side.

(2 edits)

thanks mate!

ah, but still confused

i wanna know the code number but, it seem not fair XD

Not sure if it's a bug but I have corrupted 4 of the court members and all of the town's folk yet I can't get the quest for Lucille to activate. Am I missing something in particular?

Any way to turn off animated scenes. Doesn't work well on my pc

Anyone know how to trigger the quest at the table with the 4 girls in the bar?

It's not a quest, just a daily event you can use to raise the corruption of the city.

Love the game but cant figure out how to encounter Titania, any tips

You need to have completed Shel's mission first.

is there a non .rar version of this game?

Just unzip using winrar or 7zip or another unzipping program?

How do you play it after unzipping it?

How do I start the Morati freedom quest

Speak to Morati in the dungeon

love the game, but it erased my progress for the second time.  is anyone else having this issue or am i saving wrong?.

Are you definitely extracting the game first? It usually happens to people when they haven't extracted the game from the zip folder...

I have no clue where to get those lock picks from

Lock picks aren't in the game anymore. Use your Ethereal power to get through locked doors instead.

looks like the main quest may be bugged. So when finishing Vulsha's quest, it didn't update

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