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Kingdom of Subversion is an adult fantasy rpg, where you take control of a half goblin outcast. Forced into exile from the Kingdom of Lumis, you join forces with the Queen of the rivaling kingdom, Queen Selvana of Umbrus. She grants you new power, that will allow you to subtly infiltrate Lumis and begin to plot its demise.

With these new powers and your body transformed into a human, your mission is simple, but will require great skill. Become a well known name in the land, become a hero. Use your influence to infiltrate Lumis' royal court. Subvert them to your will and with that, gain access to Queen Roserra, ruler of Lumis. Then the final stroke can be delivered and Lumis is ripe for the taking.

What is Kingdom of Subversion?

Well if the introduction above wasn't enough to whet your whistle, let me help fill in the gaps! 

Kingdom of Subversion is a fantasy adult rpg developed in RPG Maker MV, by the team of Nergal and Aimless. Focused around the corruption of powerful individuals that make up the Kingdom of Lumis. 

That said, we also want to provide a game to support all the juicy content! Expect a fun, interactive rpg experience. Where the idea of grinding isn't the crux of design, but creating, fun, engaging, short battles is key. Your character will be customisable as you choose to focus on ranged, melee or magic (or a combination of any), and as you become more powerful, you learn new abilities that you can select.

Expect to see a lot of variety of NPCs of all different races, heights and personalities! Each with their own interesting history, and of course way of corrupting them!

Why support?

Without the support of awesome people, this project wouldn't be a possibility. The more support we gather the more we hope to use it in meaningful ways. This includes more content in builds, animations, voice acting, the full works! But it all has to start somewhere! So any amount, large or small you can pledge is very greatly appreciated. And if you can't support with a pledge, please consider spreading word of the game to anywhere you can!

But this isn't a one way street! In return we hope to deliver you early access builds, sneak peaks of upcoming artwork, voting control - making important decisions for the game! Plus anything else you want to suggest we are completely open to!

New builds will typically be released to patrons the last Friday of every month! But we'll be working hard to keep patrons updated with posts!

Thank you!

Thank you for coming this far and reading. We hope to hear from you with ideas or feedback or suggestions! 

Updated 23 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorNaughty Underworld
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Adult, combos, Fantasy, Furry, NSFW, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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The game isn't even in the zip folders for me what happened?

It's in a 7zip compressed folder, you'll need to instal 7zip to unzip it.

Since I have windows 11, 7Zip does not work for me, so none of my saves work; Any alternatives?

I am unable to start the game?

Can I have more info than that please? :) What happens exactly? Error? Window popup then closes?

so when i try to open it it says the file nfw_elf.dll was not  found even though it shows as being dowloaded

Have you extratced the game using the software, 7zip?

i believe so


is 0.10 gonna be ever free for public?


Yes, at the end of May (1 month later) as always ^^


alright ty for the information

(2 edits)

Anyone know how to get to the other side of the map where the later part of Titania's Quest and the first part of Lucille's Quest take place. I have tried to get trough the moutain pass and I am either stupid, because i can't find the exist to the other side or i have to go trough somewhere else

Edit: So I found how I'm supposed to continue, but how was anyone supposed to see how you continue

Edit 2: In case anyone can't find the exit. After getting to the higest point Mountain Pass 9F and go outside to Mountain Pass - Mountaionside where you can go down a rope, to the right is some smudges to the side and some different texture. You can apperently walk up that to the rope that leads to the teleportation sigil

Hi just wanted to mention a bug, if you leave the area before talking to titania on her second quest where you search three areas, It causes an error and you have to refresh game from last save

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funny that's not happened to me

Well I though I might be missing something as the first area I checked was the correct one so I left, the game made me traverse the section where titania would be with you even having the animations, but when I finally left the game bugged and listed a bunch of issues one of which I remember correctly was something along the lines of the party having no living members, or something I'd have to replay the game to give an accurate quote

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oh ...

yeah not save destroying but definitely worth fixing at something 馃槈

support and download are the same link at https://www.naughtyunderworld.com/kingdom-of-subversion


I like this game quite a bit. The corruption angle is good. That said, the females all are the essentially same body type. That's my only gripe about the game.

Sorry, I'm a big boobs fan for hentai games! ^^ That said there are some characters planned in the future with smaller bust sizes (such as the faerie on Yennay's quest, Morati's sister & the item shop keeper). Hopefully we can get to them soon! :)

Oh it's not a real problem friend! The game is amazing as it is, I just personally like a bit of variety, y'know? :p

I would also be dope for their to be someone whose muscular like six-pack and biceps  as you don't see that enough

(1 edit)

I need help, when I enter the discord, he told me to wait ten minutes to be able to write, but when I wanted to write he wouldn't let me, can you tell me why? 

Yeah the 10 minute wait thing is pretty standard for new accounts. There's nothing special in the discord that would stop people posting, so might be a discord issue?

It may be that if because it does not let me write and says that only Members or friends can write

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Hope V 0.10 soon. Already am loving the Game. But I'm stuck with Gob Side Quest. Library and Temple Armoury. Where are their locations I mean. Cause the only I found was Shel's Place (Armoury). Also after visiting Aewen at Night, next Quest asking me is talk to her in the Morning. But that's the thing. After Morning came, I gone downstairs, talked to her, she after that gone on second floor, room not far from Player's (ours). Can't talk to her. Strange

0.10 is coming out at the end of the month, glad you are enjoying the game! The other 2 are in the Noble District, first in the library, bottom right corner of the Noble District (there's a sparkly interactable inside) & the other is the Grand Temple. Keep walking straight up when you arrive in the Noble District. You'll have to wait until night to gain access to them. 

As for the Aewen issue, you may have already progressed passed needing to talk to her, in which case I'd suggest staying at the inn again, and that should move you along.


mind if I ask how its going so far with the game and how u are doing urself?


Doing fine thanks! Game is going well...? I hope! XD Feels like we're always making progress, massive restucture for the general rpg side of things and hope that goes down well!

Well I wish u gl thts for sure

After finding the desert rose for Yennay her quest description turn all black and i don't know what to do now

I already corrupted all the women who asked for the mission to corrupt all citizens and royalty what should I do?

If you've done the missions for each character then you've done all the content so far :)


I can't guess what the code is in lone volcano, could you help pls?


Why I can't run the game? My computer says that there is some error or some shit I don't know what to do

In order to help I need more information. Can you give me some of the details of the error? Have you have unzipped the game using 7zip?

ohh i am LOVING this game so far <3 <3 good gameplay as RPG-maker games go, sexy SEXY scenes and dialogue, and i LOVE corruption themes like this!

i have a certain love for games and media where technically the main character is the "bad guy" and undermining a so-called "good" kingdom, but as he sabotages them, all their dirty deeds get uncovered. theres a little of that in this story so far, and it makes me eager to see where the main story goes next! i'm definetely also here for those sexy scenes, but i LOVE a good story to put scenes like that in perspective and drive a plot forward too! ^w^

i will be watching this with great interest! ^w^

great game can麓t wait for update sad tht u can麓t fully corrupt anyone yet but very interesting and good game

How do i fully corrupt Aewen and marina pls help

I recommend checking out the quest log in the main menu.

Aewen - Just keeping visiting her at night / staying in the inn.

Marina - Requires you to explore some dungeons on the main world map.

How do you craft Soul Orbs? I know you use the table in Gob's house, but how do you find the recipes?

There's currently a bug where if you skip the intro you don't get the necessary craft list, I'll be looking into a fix for that soon.

To "fix" this problem, I tried to skip intro in 0.8 and save, then load game in 0.9 when you are in the Gob's house.

You get "Soul Upgrade List" when you load the game in 0.9, and have 7 recipes in the "Craft Item" list. whereas you don't get the item when you skip in 0.9 and could craft nothing.

So load a save from a previous version work.

Maybe this will help you.

how do i get the lockpicks

There is no need for lockpicks anymore.

I'm not sure if this has been reported yet but I found a bug with Laeretta. Tried selling an Iron Sword to her and this popped up.

Another Question. Does anyone know where to find the Soul Forge. Apparently thats where you use blue souls

(1 edit)

The work bench by Gob ^^

how do I use it? It only lets me click on finish

I'm guessing the next build will focus on things NYI like minor inhibition and masturbation

so apparently, by skipping the intro, I don't get the recipe list, any chance you could fix that in the next build so that when I copy saves over, I can get access to that list? 

I am up to the point where anything further is not implemented yet. Are there any news about when there will be updates? Also how can I drop some money for the devs?

The public build released today and next paid / patreon build is scheduled for the end of next month :) If you want to continuously support us, patreon would be great: https://www.patreon.com/kingdomofsubversion Thank you so much for considering it!

I feel like one avenue you should pursue in the next build is some of the places and quests that we know are there but aren't able to visit like the bandits who raped those nuns

(3 edits)

Nice story :)

Will need more black soul to buy skills and a better market (no real use for money).

Here are the targets you need to corrupt to get the royals. You will have to do few quests to corrupt them, and at some point you will need to learn a specific skill to continue the story.  I tried to get all targets before starting the royals, so maybe all the royals will also need skills to finish the quests (like Gobboe to decipher the code). You will also need the first skill you learned (like Faith Interference for Lucille).

  • Aewen (Elven Innkeeper) : you will need the skill Dream Visitor. After corrupting her, you will unlock quests for Gobboe (Goblin Assassin). You will need the skill Minor Rune Magic for Gobboe.
  • Shel (Orc Captain of the Guard) : you will need the skill Minor Mind Reading. After corrupting her, you will unlock quests for Titania (Dragonkin General). Then, need Dream Visitor.
  • Mary (Human Nun) : you will need the skill Faith Interference. After corrupting her, you will unlock quests for Lucille (Elven High Priestess). Then, need the skill Sense Magic Aura.
  • Velexia (Kitsune Noblewoman) : you will need the skill Minor Rune Magic. After corrupting her, you will unlock quests for Vulsha (Kitsune Royal Guard). You will need the skill Faith Interference for Vulsha.
  • Marina (Elven Librarian) : you will need the skill Sense Magic Aura. After corrupting her, you will unlock quests for Yennay (Human Witch). Then, you will need the skill Minor Mind Reading. Carefull, there is a boss in Yennay's quest with arround 1000 hp that can do 70-250 damage. Train a bit to kill it (I was level 10).

Most of the time, if you don't unlock someone after finishing corruption, then sleep at the inn and you will have an event when you wake up or when you exit the inn.

Remember to use your skill Ethereal. It's esential in some quests, else you won't be able to continu.

Need a Red Soul ? When you corrupt someone, a some point you will get one. Else, you can go to the bar next to Velexia. There are 4 girls on the right, talk to them every night and they will give you a Red Soul after few times.


Does anyone know how to do the valcano puzzle

Love the game, absolutely adored the majority of the scenes, quick question, if I back with money, is it a one time thing where I permenantly get a pass to the premium? or am I going to have to pay each month to get early access?

You pay for early access to that build specifically ^^ It's kind of like an alternative way to support rather than patreon. Since the project relies on the continuation of support unfortunately we have to do things this way until the game is near ready for release! ^^ 

no worries! thank you for explaining it!

how to get to lucille?

You need to have completed Mary's quest first, after that go to Mary's small temple in the Trade District and you should see the two of them talking, this starts Lucille's quest :)


(1 edit)

Does anyone know where to report bugs found a repeatable one "after using the Pleasure Craving on Velexia and sleeping in the inn". Screen goes black and can't see or move. Forces me to reload. Can be stopped by using the power on someone else before resting. Was in 0.9

Here or on the discord is fine! :)

weres the discord

https://discord.com/invite/BqW8vyy ^^

How do you get your old save? Not really good with technical stuff xD

It's in the www/save folder :)

Tnx man! Earned yourself a hefty donation right there!

yesterday i finished the game fo the second time. I wonder if you can mantain the old saves instead doing everything everytime a new version is relised, its a bit annoing. That said, this game is one of the best, i really liked the design of the female cast. Good fight mechanics. I hope to recive an answer , thanks to all the people who will respond to this post. Sorry for my english, its not my first language, i tried my best

You just need to copy and paste the save from your previous version to the www/saves folder :)

Ok thank you

(1 edit)

What files do I need to play this game?

7zip to unpack the game and then just run the .exe

(1 edit)

Whenever I try to run it I get an error message saying "The code execution cannot proceed because nw_elf.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." I have tried reinstalling without success. (Note: It works fine through winrar but not 7zip)

when does the free version of 0.8 drop?

It already has! XD

Sorry I meant 0.9

also where do you post the artwork for the characters? e621?

Also I'm not sure what you mean by this??

0.9 will be dropping for backers at the end of the month. And then will be free at the end of next month.

Heyy got a Question i decoded the message of Gobboe but im to stupid to understand :D where should i go in the Docks ?

There's a sewer grate in North East part, use that ^^

(2 edits)

Hi there ! 

Really nice game, quite short yet nice plot and pictures...
But really buggy game (v0.7)

I'm listing here a list of things that, in my opinion, should be patched ASAP due to it breaking the game :

  • Meeting Titania in the forest (when there's 3 spot to check) : If you go to the right spot, then leave, you end up killing the monster with titania help (even tho she isn't there with you), and result in a crash at the end of the forest.
  • While solving the volcano puzzle game, the indication about the door isn't clear (Missing a "locked" textbox). So if you jump in the cart again, you end up going in the wall and be stuck
  • If you go back to the palace after being in Lumis, leave and speak to Morati, the initial plot start again, resulting in a black screen.
  • One crash occured during Velexia final scene. Not sure about the reason, just occured.

Also, here is few things that, in my opinion, should be patched : 

  • When in the forest for Velexia quest (killing lots of goblin), if you go to the memories and go out, every monster respawn. Good way to grind, but not sure if that's a feature.
  • Lucille do not appear during the trip, when Titania and Vulsha did. Lack of coherence (and not able to steal her gear made me sad, see next point).
  • Vulsha and Titania equipment can be removed, both having named Halberd. When titania one give +0 atk (so basically useless), Vulsha one give +145 atk, making the melee atk a bit overpowered.
  • When cleaning the sewers, one slime get instakill without reason (no texture change). As hp are quite thought at this moment, it made me rest for nothing.
  • While corrupting Aewen. I think launching the scene while being ethereal mode make it occurs. I was able to get through anything (wall, char etc). No crash, but quite hard to keep the plot.
  • During lots of scene, the player name is back to "Player", even if a name was setted up for the hero.
  • Vulsha title is "Vulsha", Titania tittle is "hero", our character title is "hero". Wouldn't "Princess bodyguard" would be better for Vulsha (Char screen while partying).

And finally some improvement I suggest : 

  • Resting in bed should full heal at any hour. Only fully heal at night made me rest many time just for it (not complaining about the stamina, even tho I don't understand what money is useful for except sleeping at inn, still don't know why I did purchase this pickaxe)
  • Only one blacksoul is available (other than the one given at the start), so you never get to learn the others skill (when the healing skill could be useful, as there is no pot available, see next point). Maybe add more, or delete this functionality ?
  • Potion should be available. When there is some in box while picking up Velexia's letter, I haven't found a way to purchase them outside.
  • The girls in the noble inn accept the drink, but no following up. Maybe a next feature ?
  • Where's the gentleman club ? After sending them few girls, could appear somewhere for a quick scene.
  • The first scene (before receiving our power, with Vulsha) isn't available in the memories.
  • Still haven't found how to use blue souls. It's good collecting them, but if you can't spend them... (and you don't even collect any while killing monster in Gobboe quest).
  • Lockpick are useless, pickaxe is useless and cleansing potion doesn't seem useful either (only effect noticed was with the chaman, yet doesn't seem to have effect). For next features, or to be deleted ?
  • Every skills after Magic Fingers appears to be useless. Is this for next features ?

Hope to see Melina and the finals ending in the future,


How do I talk with Gob after fucking her for a while? She disappeared and I don't know where to find her.

depends on which scene was the last you had, check the sewers first from the dock area, over in the top right sewer entrance at the docks, she has an offshoot in the sewers that lead to where she stays, if she isn't there, try sleeping in the inn a few more days to see if she ambushes you in the night again. Otherwise, you might have reached the current end of the story line in regards to her.

I shall try those methods out, thank you.

Didn't work, is rip, thank you though.


no worries, myself, I am impatiently waiting for the version where there is repeatable orders to have the girls do things. Anyways, if you have had a few rounds of intercourse with her, I think there's a gallery like area that shows all reached sexual interactions with the girls if you interact with a sort of mannequin thing. it's the memory room which is reachable with main pause menu.

After corrupting Gobboe, you can find her in the evening outside the inn (where is Aewen).

You can repeat meeting her in the sewers when using "Proposition" when you talk to her.

For now, there is no new events with her.

Thank you!

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