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Kingdom of Subversion is an adult fantasy rpg, where you take control of a half goblin outcast. Forced into exile from the Kingdom of Lumis, you join forces with the Queen of the rivaling kingdom, Queen Selvana of Umbrus. She grants you new power, that will allow you to subtly infiltrate Lumis and begin to plot its demise.

With these new powers and your body transformed into a human, your mission is simple, but will require great skill. Become a well known name in the land, become a hero. Use your influence to infiltrate Lumis' royal court. Subvert them to your will and with that, gain access to Queen Roserra, ruler of Lumis. Then the final stroke can be delivered and Lumis is ripe for the taking.

What is Kingdom of Subversion?

Well if the introduction above wasn't enough to whet your whistle, let me help fill in the gaps! 

Kingdom of Subversion is a fantasy adult rpg developed in RPG Maker MV, by the team of Nergal and Aimless. Focused around the corruption of powerful individuals that make up the Kingdom of Lumis. 

That said, we also want to provide a game to support all the juicy content! Expect a fun, interactive rpg experience. Where the idea of grinding isn't the crux of design, but creating, fun, engaging, short battles is key. Your character will be customisable as you choose to focus on ranged, melee or magic (or a combination of any), and as you become more powerful, you learn new abilities that you can select.

Expect to see a lot of variety of NPCs of all different races, heights and personalities! Each with their own interesting history, and of course way of corrupting them!

Why support?

Without the support of awesome people, this project wouldn't be a possibility. The more support we gather the more we hope to use it in meaningful ways. This includes more content in builds, animations, voice acting, the full works! But it all has to start somewhere! So any amount, large or small you can pledge is very greatly appreciated. And if you can't support with a pledge, please consider spreading word of the game to anywhere you can!

But this isn't a one way street! In return we hope to deliver you early access builds, sneak peaks of upcoming artwork, voting control - making important decisions for the game! Plus anything else you want to suggest we are completely open to!

New builds will typically be released to patrons the last Friday of every month! But we'll be working hard to keep patrons updated with posts!

Thank you!

Thank you for coming this far and reading. We hope to hear from you with ideas or feedback or suggestions! 

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorNaughty Underworld
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Adult, combos, Fantasy, Furry, NSFW, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Kingdom of Subversion (0.12 - FREE & LATEST)

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Im having a problem with the fight with The Kitsune like after a couple mins it just closes How do i fix that

How do I teleport to portals I've unlocked

Hey can someone tell me if this game support fullscreen cuz i was try to fix my screen and nothing work


"alt+enter" should do the trick if you want fullscreen.


will the save files remain on pc after deleting the game ?


save files are stocked on your game's repository \www\save

if you delete the game, you will delete your saves

move and backup your save files before deleting the game


what should i do with fairy should i give name , fight or ignore

Question how often does the game gets updated 

(1 edit)

My first question is.... how do you delete letters on the name menu? Why is it non-existent or obscure?

on keyboard you press the esc button to delete letters one at a time.

ah cheers, that was like the only button i didn't try. thought backspace or delete would've worked. 


Im stuck in the lonely volcano quest i need the code pls help


Kingdom of Subversion (LATEST & FREE! - 0.11)


How to get this sword ?

How to break oath of the Castle Royalties? I break Titiana's oath but can't able to break others.

i think in the next update

Any possibility to play this on android

By Jio Play application you find it on Google store.

Can someone tell me what to do after i slept with Titania on the abandoned tower, I've been trying to find her ever since and I can't find her

You find her when you head back to the town.

what else do I need to download to run this 

Winrar to extract the file.

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I'm really impressed by the fact that this game is free , it's just so good I have nothing else to say , I've met no bugs , the s scenes are amazing , the fight are actually interesting to play wich is a first for game creators rpg game. The only thing I could criticize is the way the melee attacks work , I think having to hold the mousse button pressed would make it more enjoyable than having to mash the button (that can be pretty annoying if you're lost and have to fight a lot of opponents)

Insane game , keep up the good work man !

About the animated scenes... they are amazing.  Are they going to be more common in the future updates? And on the personal note will there be more Titania animated scenes and Morati animated scenes I know we have 3 for Titania but they got me wilding and left me wanting more of her.

where do i find the nun's guard

Where to find Gobboe after she killed the Peeping Tom the Guard?

Go to the dock district, check the North East sewer grate.

Naah she ain't there. She said "Book a Room in Lumis I'll meet you there tomorrow!" After killing the guard.

You have to rent a room in the inn

am i the only one stuck on the old ways mission I cant even find the right sewer 

Same here bruh.. can't find Gobboe after she killed the guard.

Go to the dock district, check the North East sewer grate.

How to install this file

When I try to extract, it shows that it is corrupted

Will this be on steam?


help please the rune in the vulkan needs a code but i dont know the code


have you considered adding some npc's with human asses and tits instead of comically large ones? it gets old quickly with everyone having the same cartoonish body

Bro i played it and damn that was hella good , especially dialogues.Pacing was normal but could be slower

So the file nw.elf.dll is missing, tried downloading again and same thing happened

try another extractor. lots of comments like this from 7-zip. I use winrar and it works fine for me.

I may have encountered a bug. After completing Aewen's plot, I never encounter the trigger for Gobboe. Is there any way to fix this?


Aewen appears outside the inn after this which will trigger Gobboe's storyline. Is she not appearing there for you?

Correct, she never appears outside the inn. I don't know if it makes a difference, but Aewen's story is the first one I've completed, so I don't know if I should complete it after others.

Hey am i the only who gets a game freeze after having a night visit with the goblin?

Does it get stuck with a message saying "Now loading..." ?


how do i meet the royal court members i dont have any clue to find any of them

(1 edit)

each court member is tied to a citizen. this was explained on a earlier post. the inn keepers wife, the destressed noble(fox lady), the librarian, the captain of the guard and the nun. this isn't in as much detail as the other post by


so look for that post if you want more details.


(1 edit)

I bought the new update for this game but its not letting me download it for some reason.

hey are you have a walktrough for this game? its hard for me too progres the game while this happen, anyone know how to solve this? i use joiplay emulator

the librarian asks for 3 books(2 are together in one location). I don't remember the order but one of them is in the pit at the bottom of the map. you will step on arrow icons that shoot you in the direction of the arrow. if you can get to the end, there's a chest with 2(?) books in it. I think the first might have been the "light all pillars with blue flame" puzzle.

I also have that problem 馃槄

anyone wondering to unlock the gate for the mountain pass theres a switch in the cave next to the treasure just click on it 

If your doing the Gobboe quest at the same time as another quest make sure to wait on the second because once you get her second message she will grab you but you may be teleported back to your current objective therefore locking her up

I can't find gobbie after she killed the guard. Please help bruh..

I can't seem to go beyond this point....how do i lit all 9 of em? 

When you interact with one of them it will eother turn of or on all of the ones that are directly above below and to the sides of the one you interacted with so just keep doing it and eventually you will get all of them turned on

i've tried diff comb but it always leave out 1 of um.


did you find out how

how do you do this puzzle its impossible that 1 fire wont light 

i did it yesssss

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