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"Welcome aboard, Captain"

The first words you hear as you start your new adventure as captain of a small transport vessel. Meet your all female crew and take up tasks for credit, given to you by criminal overlords, freedom fighters and anyone wanting to keep a job on the down low. 

However your own past begins to come to haunt you, a past you didn't even know you had. Your father seems to be the root cause of it all, but you never knew him in the first place. The only reason you have this ship is due to inheritance from his death.

Explore, Prepare, Fight and Romance in this Tactical Turn-Based Strategy game. Those who like story and gameplay with their adult games, will love, The Solarion Project.

Check out our site for more information on gameplay and story!

=== What is The Solarion Project? ===

This game is very much a long term passion project! Inspired by other popular sci-fi rpgs, this game is focused on telling an exciting story, filled with in depth characters and of course tonnes of tasty adult content to enjoy!

If you like big boobs, butts and tall women, all with their own unique personalities and historys, this is the game for you! With a core crew of 6, and many more NPCs in the galaxy to find, you will find many characters who you will want to get to know... Very intimately!

This game is still in early stages of development but a lot of the story ground work has begun! Over the next year we'll be introducing the main mechanics including combat, skill trees for each character & resource collection!

The aim is to get the game on steam. However until that happens we're asking you join our community in bringing this game to life!

=== Why support? ===

Without the support of awesome people, this project wouldn't be a possibility. The more support we gather the more we hope to use it in meaningful ways. This includes more content in builds, animations, voice acting, the full works! But it all has to start somewhere! So any amount, large or small you can pledge is very greatly appreciated. And if you can't support with a pledge, please consider spreading word of the game to anywhere you can!

But this isn't a one way street! In return we hope to deliver you early access builds, sneak peaks of upcoming artwork, voting control - making important decisions for the game! Plus anything else you want to suggest we are completely open to! New builds will typically be released to patrons the last Friday of every month! But we'll be working hard to keep patrons updated with posts!

=== Thank you! ===

Thank you for coming this far and reading. We hope to hear from you with ideas or feedback or suggestions! 

Updated 17 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(93 total ratings)
AuthorNaughty Underworld
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Aliens, NSFW, RPG Maker, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few seconds


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TSP Q&A 1.5 (Win) 57 MB
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TSP Q&A 1.5 (Android) 148 MB
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remember guys if you guys download a game that is in zip form, make sure to right click on it and click extract all

Hope everything is alright Naughty team, sending positive vibes for ya!


No files available??


how i supposed to play it? i cant use 7zip.


extract all

i tried it but it say  no extract 

Use winrar, it can extract zip files, if you set it so in settings when you install it, that will save you a lot of troubles trust me


When is the next update?

i cant use 7zip,what els could i use



hosted on an Incompatible 3rd party site :/


I got the same problem

I just got 0.21 and download the copy I just need help to get in the game 

is there a way to combine 0.20 with the new version so i can continue where I left off 

Copyu the save folder from the /www of the original

Will there ever be an apk for this game? Us android users would really appreciate it! I don't think it seems TOO out of your project scope to make it available on apk at this rate.


A fan


can't download game because of the third party website. What does that mean?

I can't run very well the game with the animations on, it goes very fatal, can somebody help me? I don't think the pc is the problem since it's very high quality and I can run games like ark survival evolve, I really don't want to disable the animations to enjoy everything

Unfortunately you'll have to disable animations in the interim until I am able to fix this issue. It seems to be affecting about 20% of people that play the game and I'm still trying to figure out why since it seems to be random with no common cause.

(2 edits)

thanks,  I checked and it consumed like 12 percent of my ram XD and the table task said *HIGH*, by the way, thank you, it really surprised me that you responded, it's really nice that you get to interact and help with your community like that, keep the great work, my guy

Is there a way to transfer my data from a previous version to the new one?

Love this game! There seemed to be a bug with the video though with Shuma and the Red Queen (First Option without spoilers) where it shrinked down the size of the game but not the window, very strange xd. 

Hope this game continues forward, thank you for working on this too! <3

Im blocked at Lillith shower scene, missing file, any help?


Nice aventure in this game im just blocked with malaena scene, an error appear on the screen :

help for continue ?

version: The Solarion Project - 0.20-alpha.1

I also got this, and then after that, it completely crashes when you try to talk to her in her room or in general, so I think Malaena cant be completed fully yet


You can if you have a precedent version. You can transfet the missing files from a precedent version and put it in the new one.

I was legit thinking if i could, like the missing file is the img, but copying over the files missing from the free version, would that work?


It's worked for me. The files is in the pictures folder.

I will try that! Does it work with save files or would I have to restart


Been happily playing this game for some time, I love it for sure has to be one of my most favorite titles definitely top 5.  Only down side to it, its a harem game to an extent. Cat and Mel prefer solid relationships before intercourse.  would like to see an option for full harem mode so those are disabled and you can enjoy all the lovelies aboard the ship.

I love this game, hopefully you can keep going on it, there are some bugs here and there and some other issues but I wanna see this game to the end, thank you for making this <3

i'm trying to play version 19, but it keeps crashing right away


Error after meeting Malaena's sister, making it unable to continue.


I've seen this issue shown a few times but early on in Malaenas questline I get an error message that stops me from continuing. It won't let me continue on with the quest or anything for that matter. Sucks because she was one of my favorites and I can't progress with her because of the width of something. 

(1 edit) (+3)

Auto-save can be a good idea... if it goes to a dedicated spot.

With the current situation (v0.18) : 

  1. A choice with multiple output appear.
  2. You do a save in order to come try other answer and choose the best one
  3. You pick an answer
  4. You try your save... which got overwritten by your choice with the auto-save.

Which mean, if you want to save, you have to save in two slot, and to load, you have to load your save, and save in another slot if you don't want to loose your checkpoint. And it's a bit troublesome ngl.

Maybe could you force the auto-save on slot 1 (or 30 or whatever), or make an option to toggle the autosave on/off ?


I'm also getting an error when I  play Malaena 's route.


Can I disable autosave?

(2 edits)

The game has crashed on me twice with Malaena's story after talking to her sister.  All other routes completed.


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property "width" of null"

Can you transfer your saves from .17 to .18? or do i have to make a new save?

also I tried using the Itch.io laucher but it only opens the .17 version.


No it's a brand new engine so saves aren't transferable unfortunately. 

I haven't tried installing the game from the launcher, so not sure what the issue there is unfortunately. I'll try and take a look.

ah nuggets,  well i can skip through the stuff i have seen pretty quickly.

So, the game looks good, but I'm playing it on joiplay and have no idea how to move lol. Like, I'm seeing green squares and hearing some kind of beep, but I'm a little confused lol.

Unfortunately because of the game is built, it won't work on joiplay. However I'm hoping at looking into an android build as soon as possible (possibly even next month!)

When you gonna make a version for android?

I can't progress the storyline with.. green-girl (I'm sorry ><) since it keeps telling me to go to Lewis but doesn't let me do anything there

I've got the same problem with Lillith's story, there's nothing on Lewis but the refuel and Solus Corp HQ, and neither connect to her quest.

I have already bought this game twice now, and don't have access to the new update.


You pay per update as a form of support, it's basically a cheaper alternative than supporting on Patreon. Sorry for any confusion.

Will you ever make a MEGA download


I'm unable to launch the update's .exe, looks like a regular file type.

What is the error exactly?

I don't know myself because I don't get a prompt. I can't physically launch the game since the .exe  file type is file rather than application. Not sure if it was an unzipping error but I've never come across this before.

Are you unzipping with 7zip?


Do u have a set release date for mobile?

Not yet!

Awesome game! Can't wait for more! When is the full game planned to be completed?

Depends on the level of support we receive! The more support the faster we can get it done (and the more content we can get done). Going to be a couple years yet at least I would say on the current level of support.

Is the android version only for people who pay?

There is no android version of the main game as of yet. There is a Q&A side "game" (VN) that has an android release however. It is getting updated at the end of the month ^^


Still have no idea how to continue the Shuma storyline. I'm at the one where I need to meet with the Elasi diplomat, and I can't figure out where that is? Can anybody help me out?

Does the quest mark not appear on the galaxy map?? It should be the Creature Cluster > Prodigium System > Faun Planet

I have had the same issue, and followed what you mentioned, but everything on that planet is locked off for the moment. Is it possible the issue is because the save is originally from an older version?

Watching anyway cause it looks good, but hoping for a linux port at some point. Sadly Wine has let me down here. :(

How do the scene mechanics work, I'm stuck on Lilith's scene with nothing to interact with except her name pops up over her face

Which Lillith scene are you stuck? Do you mean there is no UI to advance the scene / end the scene?

yes, its on her first scene after the massage

I believe this is fixed in the latest public version. If you don't mind can you verify please? :)

I believe this is fixed in the latest public version. If you don't mind can you verify please? :)

will there ever be a free Android version

Eventually! ^^ I'm having to rework some of the controls to be usuable on mobile. Adding in extra buttons and the like. Plus there is some issues with the animation player on mobile devices for some reason which I need to look in to.

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