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"Welcome aboard, Captain"

The first words you hear as you start your new adventure as captain of a small transport vessel. Meet your all female crew and take up tasks for credit, given to you by criminal overlords, freedom fighters and anyone wanting to keep a job on the down low. 

However your own past begins to come to haunt you, a past you didn't even know you had. Your father seems to be the root cause of it all, but you never knew him in the first place. The only reason you have this ship is due to inheritance from his death.

Explore, Prepare, Fight and Romance in this Tactical Turn-Based Strategy game. Those who like story and gameplay with their adult games, will love, The Solarion Project.

Check out our site for more information on gameplay and story!

=== What is The Solarion Project? ===

This game is very much a long term passion project! Inspired by other popular sci-fi rpgs, this game is focused on telling an exciting story, filled with in depth characters and of course tonnes of tasty adult content to enjoy!

If you like big boobs, butts and tall women, all with their own unique personalities and historys, this is the game for you! With a core crew of 6, and many more NPCs in the galaxy to find, you will find many characters who you will want to get to know... Very intimately!

This game is still in early stages of development but a lot of the story ground work has begun! Over the next year we'll be introducing the main mechanics including combat, skill trees for each character & resource collection!

The aim is to get the game on steam. However until that happens we're asking you join our community in bringing this game to life!

=== Why support? ===

Without the support of awesome people, this project wouldn't be a possibility. The more support we gather the more we hope to use it in meaningful ways. This includes more content in builds, animations, voice acting, the full works! But it all has to start somewhere! So any amount, large or small you can pledge is very greatly appreciated. And if you can't support with a pledge, please consider spreading word of the game to anywhere you can!

But this isn't a one way street! In return we hope to deliver you early access builds, sneak peaks of upcoming artwork, voting control - making important decisions for the game! Plus anything else you want to suggest we are completely open to! New builds will typically be released to patrons the last Friday of every month! But we'll be working hard to keep patrons updated with posts!

=== Thank you! ===

Thank you for coming this far and reading. We hope to hear from you with ideas or feedback or suggestions! 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(180 total ratings)
AuthorNaughty Underworld
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Aliens, NSFW, RPG Maker, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few seconds


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The Solarion Project 0.27 (FREE) 1 GB
The Solarion Project 0.29 (LATEST) 1 GB
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Captain Meets Sketch Series! 79 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
TSP Q&A 1.5 (Win) 57 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
TSP Q&A 1.5 (Android) 148 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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android pls


is it just me or is it not leting me extract it


Is it just me or does the outfit option not unlock for certain characters?

how do you transfer saves?

I'm trying to download it to my laptop, but it doesn't work. Can you make it an Android version? Please make it an Android version

(1 edit)

Awesome game! Love the mass effect feel. Would love to see some giantess growth content.

is there a way to transfer saves from one version to a new version?


i cant access the settings, the game crashes instantly. 

why doesn't saving work everytime I close the game and reopen it i cant access my save files and it just wipes me

Are you definitely extracting the game with winrar?

what does 0.28 add?

When I do some of the girls quest my game crashes and leaves me on a blank screen.


what does version 0.28 add?

Just doing one of the cat stories currently. I feel like I read to many "main char being meek" and the others are always better in everything kinda stories everywhere.

It is good, but this got suddenly annoying out of nowhere.

Is it possible for this game to run on mac

(1 edit)

I'm starting to like these games, so how does it usually happen here?

Are price increases a thing once the game is complete on Itch.io?

Just to be safe I will think about waiting for completion or not especially if i notice two or three open projects.

I forgot that I'm playing some kind of demo, so how complete are both of them? Once I get a look at the scenes and possibly whatever minigame or battle saystem there is, I will decide if i want to take the risk and get the whole thing. 

It's not bad, not sure how much of  giant "what's the word" fan i am, but it seems quite good.

Just asking, I know steam and the whole publischer thing. IS this the same developer team as in Kingdom of subversion? 

Because I start to like the artstyle and the writing seems kinda okay.

I mean usually it's to much leaning on the adult side instead of overall good.

So far I can't complain to much. This here I haven't started yet.

I can't open the settings on the current update. it crashes immediately

This game is amazing! Though, unfortunately no shrinking/fully giantess content (which I assumed from your image preview with green lady) but Lilith makes it up, especially with height difference with cat lady. And thicc princess is just one love, and then two loves.

Amazing, also thanks for allowing to skip all and go straight for sex and romance stuff. 

Could you make a tutorial to extract the file and then run it? pls

just press extract and then you're done.

It won't let me run it, it says that it is an unsupported file type or that it is damaged

try to reinstall and if you dont use winrar then that maybe why.

(1 edit)

just one question to be sure. If I had to pay 5 euros as support if new things were added in the future or for example the series "Captain Meets Sketch Series!" was updated with new images. Should I pay again or can I download the new content without having to pay again?

you should only have to pay once thats if the price did not change. dont quote me on that tho

The art style is similar to that of witchking000. I assume that they are a part of this project?

Yep Witchking is the artist for the project!

ver 0.25 played via joiplay, sex scene doesnt appears only black screen, even though it didn't happened before on older version, any idea what might be the cause?

(1 edit) (+1)

Ok I found the reason, it's Red queen animated scene, maybe because its big an laggy it doesn't appear, basically that scene needs more polishing and optimization, other scenes are smooth except Red queen scenes

Any chance a Linux version is coming?


In space, no one suffers from lower back pain.

Deleted 227 days ago

The creator is taking a hiatus from the game for a bit. Should start doing content again from August, though Itch one may follow September.

android pls


I LOVE THIS It's very well made! This is fantastic! One of Kitenna's scenes with the captain has voice acting (only her speaking) while the others don't. I think voice actors for the other characters too would be awesome! I love this game A LOT!

itch has recently changed policy regarding paid versions of games on their site , any plans for how your studio plans to handle the changes. I’d very much like to continue supporting your work.


Hmm I haven't been informed of this. Any link to these changes? Also you caqn always support the game on Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/thesolarionproject


https://lewdpixels.com/news/has-itch-io-become-an-irritation-too-far/ sure thing sorry for the late reply , heres a link to a news website with an article on the issue.

Deleted post

What does VN when you first start the game

Deleted 301 days ago

everytime I save and go back to the game the save isnt there?

how do I fix this or am I just doing something wrong?


Please add an optional ntr scene and possibly ntr end in the future.

This just suggestion


stfu cuck


wtf is wrong with you


It definitely has potential. I think this could very easily rival Fenoxo's work on TITS if it had some spell checking, some deeper storylines, and of course Combat. Because really, a game needs to have Gameplay, yes?  Keep up the good work my dear


Android ?

I don't save the game can anyone solve a problem


how do we unlock the 4some scenes?

(1 edit) (+1)

this may be a dumb question but who is the artist? the art looks super familiar but I can't remember their name. 

edit: it was witchking00

every I check catherie to learn how to fly the ship the game crashes.

(1 edit)

how do i get v.23

You purchase from this siter or you can subscribe to the patreon and get it that way ^^

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