Cost of living - Future of Projects - Please read

Hey guys,

Wanted to talk about something as I know this is affecting a lot of people (myself included) and in trying to be as transparent as possible I want to lay everything out here.

At the moment I am struggling a bit. Prior to the cost of living crisis that has gripped a lot of us I was living decent, little above breaking even everymonth. Unfortunately due to the sky rocketing bills and other costs going up considerably that has now changed alot. 

In terms of how this will affect the projects, to start with, I wouldn't expect to see any future animations or voice acting in the projects until we reach a comfortable level of support for them. I know people were just really starting to enjoy these features being added and stopping them already feels quite bad, but unfortunately it's just not feasible right now anymore.

There's also a fairly high likelyhood I may have to seek alternative employment, either part time or full time in order to keep things going in my personal life. If that were to happen then the projects will likely shift in my priorities and ultimately effect how much time I can commit to them (currently I work on them about 37 hours a week.) I'll keep everyone posted if / when this happens.

Artwork will continue to be produced at the usual rate however as I still have obligations with my artists, and I still want to see the games reach a finished state. This isn't something I want to do, as I have really loved being able to work on these full time , even if I'm just about breaking even every month. But times are hard and difficult choices might have to be made.

That said, (sorry if this seems quite doom and gloom!) I've made some changes over on the Patreon. Patreon is a lot easier for me to track progress and levels of support than here. So if you frequently purchase from here, please consider looking at supporting via patreon instead.

If you feel capable and are not close to being in any danger doing so, please consider supporting the projects in anyway you can. Times are difficult right now, so PLEASE don't risk getting yourself in to trouble if you can't financially support! Spreading the word about them helps so much too! And don't feel obligated to keep supporting either if your financial situation has changed, remember to always put yourself first and foremost!

For now there won't be any changes to release schedules or amount of content, but I wanted to make people aware that this could be a possibility in the future. 

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i wish all of u best of luck and best live 


I wish you all the best of luck, be safe and push through the hard times.